Who we are and how we can add value to your business (in under 5 minutes)

Who we are and how we can add value to your business (in under 5 minutes)

Riskflow was formed in 1988, when its founders recognized the need for specialists who could provide consulting in the specialist area of stochastic forecasting for the financial services sector.

To provide this expertise, software tools were needed, this led to the in-house development of a number of applications that were initially used as consulting tools and later became commercially available when more and more clients showed an interest in using the applications in their own organizations.  Amongst the tools developed by Riskflow for both in-house and commercial consumption, are:

  • ALM (Asset & Liability Management) system: An application used to protect and enhance the institution’s balance sheet, income and cashflow through financial modelling and the simulation of unlimited scenarios projected into the future
  • A tool for forecasting of indices (and yield curves) that can potentially affect the organization’s balance sheet, income statement and cashflow
  • A tool that reflects how funds are transferred to and from the organization’s Treasury department to its various business units in order to achieve an optimal funding strategy
  • A real-time integrated Treasury Management system that enforces strict segregation of front, middle and back office activities.  
  • A tool for analysing historical client behaviour with the view to forecasting / predicting future behaviour
  • A reporting tool for Central Bank reporting (according to each country’s Basel-based risk reporting requirements)
  • An ETL tool that not only extracts, transforms and loads data into the proprietary database that underlies all of these applications, but that also validates and cleanses data and enriches it to minimize the effect of missing data values.
  • A revolutionary multi-device cloud-based cashflow forecasting App for individuals and small businesses

All these applications have been designed and developed by expertise residing within Riskflow. These products have been running in production environments for over 30 years. This motivated the latest innovation to build the Riskflow Digital Treasury Platform (RDTP) which encapsulates all the intelligent tools and comes with its own built-in dashboard which allows the client to define its own Key performance indicators business metrics and analytics to monitor the health and overall well-being of the institution. 

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