Courses for new entrants to banking

  1. Banking 001: How does the bank work? (1 day)
  2. Banking 101: Fundamental concepts in banking (2 days)
  3. Interest rates & the price of money (1 day)

Courses for new entrants to Risk Management

  1. Introduction to financial instruments (1 day)
  2. Introduction to ALM (2 days)
  3. Introduction to market risk in treasury (1 day)
  4. Introduction to credit risk & credit risk management (1 day)

Intermediate Courses

  1. Financial risk management (FRM) in banking (5 days)
  2. ALM & balance sheet management (3 days)
  3. Funds transfer pricing (FTP) (1 day)
  4. Capital markets (1 day)
  5. Pricing of treasury instruments (2 days)
  6. Market risk in treasury (2 days)
  7. The Basel journey: from I – IV(1 day)
  8. Basel III liquidity risk monitoring (LCR & NSFR) (1 day)
  9. BCBS 457 (FRTB) primer (1 day)
  10. Fundamental review of the trading book (1 1/2 days)

Courses for Executives & Board Members

  1. Risk and its governance in banking institutions (1 day)
  2. ALCO workshop (2 days)
  3. Risk and its governance in financial institutions (1 day)
  4. Risk evaluation using published annual financial results (1 day)

Bespoke Training Courses

  1. The Academy also prepares bespoke training courses, for institutions that have very specific training needs that is not comprehensively covered in any standard Academy courses.

More Information

This course list does not have scheduled dates. When it comes to scheduling the courses, our approach is “to train when training is needed”, meaning that when an institution has a window available for training, we will endeavor to provide the training in that window period or as close to the dates as possible.

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