About Riskflow

About us

Riskflow is a fintech company based in Johannesburg, South Africa founded in 1988, focussing on the creation of enterprise software solutions. What makes Riskflow different is its ability to develop applications to address complex challenges in the financial space. The source of Riskflow’s differentiation is the fact that it brings together a group of financial services experts with extensive software development capabilities, rather than a software development company with financial service expertise.

Riskflow’s main focus is “To deliver innovative, world-class fintech products, using the latest technology and in accordance with the ever-changing financial landscape.

The general theme of these solutions is based on the premise of Cash Flow management, whether it is our Asset and Liability (Balance Sheet) Management system, Cube360 (which projects the management of cash flow surpluses and shortfalls mainly for financial institutions dealing with interest bearing products); our Treasury system, fmbTrade (which deals with the operational execution of actions regarding the management of cash flow) or the Cashflow Optimiser tool set (which makes Cash Flow planning accessible for the general business community and individuals markets).

How the Riskflow System Works

MFTP Cashflow Analyser Cashflow Analyser Cashflow Analyser Cashflow Analyser FMB Trade Basel+ Cube360 Cube360 IFS

You can click on some of the puzzle pieces to see which functions as a unit. Go ahead and try it!

The fact that these products are forward looking allows the user to manage and to see the impact of the possible risks attached to proposed actions, which leads to our ability to offer regulatory compliance reporting through our customised Basel+ solution and Risk Dashboard.

Our delivery model for the implementation, deployment and support of our solutions is through well-established resellers operating in 15 African Countries: Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Riskflow offers specialist learning through its e-learning platform and panel of industry experts.

Group Structure

Riskflow Organogram

The Riskflow Group was established in 2010. Riskflow Technologies was started in 1988.

Although the group consists of different legal entities it is managed as a single business unit inseparably connected.

  • Riskflow Technologies (Pty) Ltd The technologies side owns the following software product ranges:
    • Cube360 is a multi-dimensional modelling system that supports financial decision making through simulations projected into the future, inter alia to manage the balance sheet and evaluate the liquidity of an institution
    • Basel+ is firstly a Basel compliance tool which simplifies the daunting task of producing regulatory reports. It is also a tool to flag potential risk areas in the bank’s current and future positions.
    • Cash flow Analyser is a data management system which analyses, cleans and fixes data at source, to ensure that downstream applications benefit from high quality data.
    • fmbTrade is a real-time fully integrated treasury trading system that segregates the Front, Middle, and Back Office on security access levels. It provides total accounting flexibility in line with latest Basel requirements with special reference to operational, liquidity, market, interest and exchange risk issues on an operational level.
    • IFS is Riskflow’s Index Forecasting System. Through a simple user interface IFS allows the user to forecast future index rates based on historical correlations. IFS makes use of advanced forecasting models and statistical methods to create these forecasts in an easy to use manner.
    • MFTP In any bank, the Treasury Department acts as “the bank’s bank”: Deposits taken by the commercial departments are transferred to Treasury, who in turn make the money available either to lend out to the bank’s customers, or to invest in other financial instruments such as Treasury Bills. If there is a shortfall in cash, the Treasury department has to fund this shortfall; if there is an excess (surplus) of cash, Treasury must invest it.

Riskflow Technologies is also responsible for the support and development of the Cashflow Optimiser Apps owned by Riskflow Intellectual Property Investments (Pty) Ltd

  • Riskflow Enterprise Development (Pty) Ltd provides services geared to the utilisation of the cashflow optimisation applications for the SMME and individuals markets.

  • Riskflow Intellectual Property Investments (Pty) Ltd hosts the intellectual property rights for the Cashflow Optimiser Apps.
    • CFO4i (Cashflow Optimiser 4 Individuals) - Every individual makes many financial decisions every single day – whether buying a loaf of bread, a pair of shoes or a new house. Each of these decisions either grows or erodes wealth. With our CFO4i app accessible on any device linked to the internet you can quickly and easily see the precise effect of your decisions on your wealth, to sensibly manage your cash flow, control your debt or grow your nest egg.
    • CFO4b (Cashflow Optimiser 4 Businesses) - In spite of great ideas, a great product or service and loads of enthusiasm and effort, a large proportion of small businesses still fail. Statistics confirm that the reason is most often lack of financial management. With our easy to use CFO4b app accessible on any device linked to the internet, you now have a wealth of information available on your fingertips. Before making any kind of decision with financial implications for your business, try it out first! Our app will show its effect now and into the future. Play with various decisions to see what will grow and what will erode the value of your business.

  • Riskflow Institute(Pty) Ltd provides action learning based training in financial risk, treasury management and financial literacy.
    • The Riskflow Institute (Pty) Ltd is a body of professional and industry-experienced individuals in the banking, financial, educational and related sectors.

      The purpose of this institute is to build capacity in organisations through direct consultation, interaction via an educational platform, developing bespoke training courses, transfer of skills at all organisational levels and executive interaction. Furthermore the expert members of the institute can undertake due diligence analysis across all business sectors, evaluate business plans and advise on financing structures.

      The Riskflow Institute houses the training and related material of the software product range from Riskflow Technologies.
  • Seedcap (Pty) Ltd is the operational arm of the Trust.

Our Clients

Our clients are mainly financial institutions dealing with a large book of interest bearing instruments within Africa.

Regarding our Cashflow Optimiser Applications we focus on these same financial institutions as well as Learning institutions such as Universities, Colleges, and private schools, all institutions and government agencies that provide finance, investments and support to individuals and SMEs, all institutions with a focus on strategic, financial, money management and learning environments, Government initiatives such as Enterprise Development within Municipalities and NGOs, manufacturers and suppliers of mobile devices, mobile network companies and other providers of mobile applications, individuals, corporates and SMMEs to address the needs of their constituencies regarding forward planning.

Why we have the Griffin as our emblem

Steeped in years of folklore, the griffin is a mythical creature with the head and wings of an eagle, and the body of a lion.

Its significance lies in its unique composition, with the lion as the king of the beasts, and the eagle as king of the birds.

Griffins were instinctive guardians of treasure, and this trait has bestowed on the griffin the symbolism of protectiveness … of guarding that which is rare and precious … and being the very best at it.

So, too, Riskflow is a custodian of your business endeavours, by helping you manage your assets and liabilities.