Riskflow DBS Holdings

We are expanding our information technology business into the international markets through establishing a holding company in Ireland. The company will be known as Riskflow DBS with initial interests in  Riskflow (Pty) Ltd (SA) and Devoted Business Solutions ICT (Pvt) Ltd (ZW).


Riskflow DBS will aim to be a leader in technology delivery and consultancy, across Financial Technologies and ERP systems.


Riskflow focuses on FinTech and supply chain applications, that enable organisations to predict and manage cash flow and risks effectively, and to facilitate contract funding and supply chains within different industries.


DBS focuses on ERP and IP development, offering a pool of experienced resources that deliver global vendor solutions and enhance ERP functionality for quicker and seamless adoption by customers.


The establishment of Riskflow DBS will enable Riskflow and DBS to mobilise their combined expertise and resources in the pursuit to deliver financially focused technology that meets the ever-changing needs of the markets. In addition, Riskflow DBS will leverage its strong and comprehensive business network across Africa.

Riskflow (Pty)Ltd

Riskflow was established in 1988. Initially an Asset and Liability Management (Balance Sheet management) consulting company, it evolved over time into a fintech company. We develop cash flow-based software solutions for clients in the banking, insurance and other financial asset management markets.

Riskflow currently owns 9 different software solutions and has just launched its new Digital Treasury Platform.

Devoted Business Solutions ICT (Pvt)Ltd (ZW)

Established in 2011, DBS is a technology firm focused on delivering enterprise technology and platforms for small and medium sized firms who need affordable and robust software that enhances operational efficiency and streamlines business processes. DBS has core competences in development of bespoke software as well as implements and supports leading technology softwares.

With over 80 customers, DBS is experienced in delivering solutions across industry vectors namely, logistics, retail, manufacturing, medical, Finance and construction.